Arabi Facts Hub is a nonprofit organization dedicated to research mis/disinformation in the Arabic content on the Internet and provide innovative solutions to detect and identify it.

About Us

Arabi Facts Hub (AFH) is a pioneering platform dedicated to addressing the challenges posed.
by the global "infodemic" of misinformation, with a particular focus on the Arab world (the Middle East and North Africa, or MENA). We leverage AI and data analytics to analyze and experiment with data patterns on social media, focusing on Arabic content. Our innovative approach allows us to effectively counter false information, ensuring the availability of accurate and reliable news for the public.
Recognizing the lack of resources dedicated to evidence-based research and AI tools for Arabic misinformation detection, AFH seeks to create a comprehensive, multilateral database by aggregating data from Arabic fact-checking initiatives. Utilizing natural language processing techniques, our team analyzes the dataset to identify patterns affecting minority groups, public sentiment towards misinformation, and its propagation mechanisms.
Our research provides an overview of the problem and serves as a foundation for further research, including testing text classification algorithms against Arabic content. AFH also encourages public contributions to the database and disseminates information-literacy content through accessible tip lines. By making the database open-access to independent Arabic fact-checking organizations and offering training in data analysis, we amplify our impact and scale our reach within the global Arab community.

Our Vision

To become a leading force in countering misinformation and fostering a well-informed society in the MENA region, contributing to a secure and trustworthy digital landscape for all.

Our Mission

To harness AI and data analytics to counter misinformation in the MENA region, while promoting a safer internet environment through tech and digital policy change initiatives and fostering evidence-based research in Arabic language.

Our Values

Truth and Accuracy

Beyond The Database

The creation of a database: by pooling in data from diverse group of Arab fact-checkers, we will create the first of its kind multi-stake holder database for research purposes.
Applied Research Projects
Designing and implementing research projects that address tech and digital policy challenges, advocating for a safer internet environment in the MENA region.
Collaboration and Training
Offering open-access to the database for independent Arabic fact-checking organizations, providing training in data analysis and promoting collaboration.
Educational initiatives
Organizing workshops, seminars, and training programs to raise awareness about misinformation and promote digital literacy among the public and professionals in the media industry.
Advocacy and Policy Change
Working towards influencing policies and regulations that enhance digital safety, transparency, and accountability in the MENA region's online landscape.
AI-powered Fact-Checking
Utilizing advanced AI algorithms and data analytics to detect and counter misinformation on social media platforms, focusing on Arabic content.

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