Arabi Facts Hub

is committed to supporting fact-checkers across the MENA region in their mission to correct and combat mis/disinformation. Our fact-checking partners have been the cornerstone of our research project, and their advancement equals our advancement. In this initiative, we are offering a set of online trainings and access to technical tools, which we believe would be beneficial to their work.

*Note: During this round of training, we will only be able to accommodate three team members from each organization. If your organization wishes to delegate more than 3 members, please state so in the note section. Organizations that wish to train more than three members, might be offered a second round of training.
Please select topics of training you wish to attend. Kindly assess your training needs carefully, as the numbers of trainees are limited for each session. You are welcome to apply to all trainings if you find them all relevant and can commit to attending each one of them.
Please inform us if you would like more than 3 team members from your platform to attend
AFH would like to offer our partners a wide variety of paid tools to help them advance their work. We welcome our partners to select the tools they find most useful to their work, we also kindly ask them to provide a rationale or example from their current work explaining their need for the tool selected. The resources we are sharing are limited and we hope to help every one of our partners to the best of our capacity.
Social media monitoring tools
Satellite imagery analysis
Face search engine and reverse image lookup
People and email information lookup
Air flights search
Domain whois and reverse lookup
OSINT investigation management and offline archiving
Corporate information search